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Spring 2020 Teams

Spring 2020 teams are now forming. 
Register today in preparation of Spring Competitive Season!

Rank Pts Group Team
1420 85 Boys OPEN 2013 RAIDERS U16 BOYS
2028 115 Boys OPEN Purple 16B-SE
1548 40 Boys OPEN Purple 1998B-CL
728 500 Boys OPEN Purple 1999B-CL
1160 190 Boys OPEN Purple 2000B-CL
Boys U11 Purple 2010B-CL
4248 51 Boys U14 Purple 2007B-SE
5226 0 Boys U15 Purple 2006B-CL
3566 0 Boys U16 Purple 2006B-SE
1829 156 Boys U17 Purple 2004B-SE
Boys U18 FALL 2004B-CL
183 756 Boys U20 Purple 19B-SE
Coed OPEN Fall Rec Players All
215 103 Girls OPEN 2013 RAIDERS U18 GIRLS
Girls U13 Purple 2008G-AC
3407 0 Girls U14 Purple 2007G-CL
3130 0 Girls U15 Purple 2006G-SE
2610 0 Girls U16 Purple 2006G-SE
Girls U18 Dev 2003G-CL
1617 0 Girls U18 Purple 2003G-SE
2935 96 Girls U19 Purple 12G-CL
The mission of the Livingston Youth Soccer Association is to provide youth in the Livingston area with the opportunity to engage in soccer activities that will enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and social development in a safe and nurturing environment. LYSA promotes the values of good sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and personal excellence. PO Box 556, Livingston, MT 59047