2008, 2007 and 2006 Academy Development Players

The LYSA Academy Program is for anyone born in 2008, 2007 and 2006 and ready for the next level of soccer.

Players in LYSA Academy can expect to travel 5-7 out of the 10 available weekends. We will typically not travel further than Helena, Billings, Great Falls, or Bozeman for Saturday games during the spring. 

Included in spring registration is the MYSA State Showcase in mid-June (location TBD) as well as a player uniform that includes a purple jersey, black shorts and black socks. 2006 (12U players) will receive white and purple jersey and black and purple socks.  


1. Will my child participate in soccer games during the Spring Academy Program?

    • Yes, there will be games during the spring

2. What does my registration fee include?

  • Licensed & paid coaching, pre-season training, 2-3 training sessions per week, Saturday games or scrimmages, referee fees, Showcase Tournament fee, and more.

3. Who is coaching the group?

  • All coaches participate in the United States Soccer Federation certification process with continued training and guidance from Montana Youth Soccer. For more information about the certification process click here.

4. Will my child receive equal playing time?

  • Yes, this is a developmental program that is stressing skill development over winning/losing. Play time however is at the discretion of the coaching staff, if the player is not regularly attending practices and team events or has disciplinary issues these matters will be discussed with the parents.

5. Will my child participate in any soccer tournaments?

  • The plan is yes however there is no requirement.  Teams/coaches individually decide whether to attend the end of season Showcase Tournament (mid-June) and one additional tournament. Your team must divide the expenses for the additional tournament if it is decided to attend. The coach and LYSA Board can explain this at the team meetings.

6. Will out of town travel be required?

  • Our Academy teams regularly attend play dates in Bozeman, Billings, Helena as well as host a play date in Livingston. Additional 'optional' travel locations are Butte, Laurel and Big Sky.

7. What does a game weekend look like?

  • Usually there are two games on each travel Saturday. Typically one game in the morning and one in the afternoon. Prepare your family to travel to a location and stay for the day. Bring a picnic, concessions are often available or explore/run errands in the community.

8. What additional costs will I face?

  • If your team registers for an additional tournament and you opt in to attend you would face the percentage of registration fee for your player. For example, there could be an additional $30 cost for each tournament.

9. Are there other team commitments besides two practices per week and travel on Saturdays?

  • Teams are encouraged to participate in additional social and/or fundraising opportunities. LYSA teams are given the opportunity to purchase club Raiders gear like pants, jackets, sweatshirts etc. To offset the additional costs the teams are encouraged to work together and fundraise to offset these fees. It is the responsibility of the team/team manager to organize, implement and purchase the gear. More details to follow for anyone interested in playing the lead role for the team.

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