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  1. FIFA Laws Of The Game as modified by these rules will be the official rules of the League. 
  2. Each player will be required to pay a registration fee for participation in the league. Registration amounts will be established by the LYSA Recreation Committee. In the event that a youth might be unable to participate due to financial hardships, the registration fee may be waived or a scholarship found. 
  3. Registration fees may be refunded in full prior to insurance submittal and the order of uniforms. Fees minus insurance may be refunded once insurance is submitted and if uniforms have not yet been ordered. The final decision is made by the board. 
  4. Parental or guardian permission forms must be signed on behalf of each youth releasing the sponsors, the league, league executives, coaches, referees and members from any liability prior to participation in any league activities by the participating youth. The league will purchase liability insurance and secondary accident and medical insurance for league participants. 
  5. The registration fee will cover the cost of one team shirt, one pair team soccer socks, and insurance. Shirts and socks will be retained by the players at the completion of the soccer season.
  6. Knee pads and/or elbow pads may be worn by players if made of soft, pliable construction. Jewelry, watches, belt buckles and barrettes are not permitted. The use of casts or splints must be approved by a majority vote of the board prior to play. It is the refereeâ??s responsibility to determine if a player is wearing anything that could be a danger to themselves or others, and may not allow players to play unless measures are taken to correct the situation. 
  7. Shin guards are required for all practices and games. It is required that they be of commercial manufacture. These are NOT provided by the league. 
  8. Team uniforms (shirts and socks) will be worn as the outermost garments in all official games. Shorts are encouraged, however, weather may dictate otherwise. 
  9. The goalie shirt must be of a different color than the rest of the team, the opposing team or the referee.
  10. There will be no goalies in KneeKickers or Division I. Coaches may position a player in the goal area; but he/she may not use his/her hands. 
  11. Each team will have one head coach with no more than 2 additional assistant coaches. Team parents, additional assistants, and other enthusiasts are encouraged.
  12. No overt recognition of team standings and scores will be made during or at the completion of the playing season. Generally, team awards given by the coaches should stress participation rather than performance.
  13. Coaches are responsible for the sportsmanship and sportsmanlike conduct of themselves, assistant coaches and their players. Coaches will also make every attempt to persuade the parents of their players to display good sportsmanship. Heckling, disparaging or disdainful remarks toward the other teams, coaches or referees will be considered in violation of the basic mission of the league. 
  14. Coaching from the sidelinesâ??giving instructions to oneâ??s own team on points of strategy and position is permitted, provided:
    1. No mechanical devices are used.
    2. The tone of voice is informative and not a harangue.
    3. No coach or player is to make derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, players or spectators.
    4. No coach or player is to incite, in any manner, disruptive behavior.
    5. No coach or player is to use profanity.
    6. Coaching is not permitted from the parents/fans side of the field.
  15. When a coach violates Rule 14, a referee shall have the discretion to give that coach a red card. If the coach refuses to leave the field after a red card, the referee can end the game. Referees will report all cards issued to the Recreation Committee.
  16. Each team is limited to a weekly maximum of three hours practice. It is recommended that two practices of one and a half hours each be scheduled. Official games do not count as a practice time.
  17. Assignment to a division is based on the age of the child as of August 1st. League Officials reserve the right to place a youth into either a higher or lower division when the youthâ??s physical and/or mental development clearly indicates that he/she should play in a division other than that corresponding to his/her age. Parental permission is required for any change.
  18. The following league divisions are established:
    1. KneeKickers - Age 5 - Four on the field (4 vs 4)
    2. Division 1 - Ages 6-7 - Five on the field (6 vs 6)
    3. Division 2 - Ages 8-9 - Six on the field (6 vs 6)
    4. Division 3 - Ages 10-11 - Seven on the field (7 vs 7)
    5. Division 4 - Ages 12-15 - Eight on the field (8 vs 8)
  19. Divisions may be added, deleted or changed on a yearly basis to best make up the team rosters based upon the ages and numbers of players registered.
  20. Soccer fields for official games will be marked properly. Field sizes will vary according to division and team size at the direction of the league.
  21. Soccer balls of the following sizes will be used for all practice sessions and official games:
    1. KneeKickers: size 3
    2. Division 1: size 3
    3. Division 2: size 4
    4. Division 3: size 4
    5. Division 4: size 5
  22. The duration of official games will be as follows:
    1. KneeKickers - 8 minute quarters
    2. Division 1 - 10 minute quarters
    3. Division 3 - 30 minute halves
    4. Division 4 - 35 minute halves
  23. Time between quarters will not exceed 5 minutes for the appropriate divisions.
  24. Time between halves will not exceed 10 minutes for all divisions.
  25. The Recreation Committee Chairperson or Director of Referees may cancel all official games up to two hours before the start of the first game of the day. Subsequently, cancellations may be made by the assigned center referee at the time the game is scheduled to begin. A coach may request the center referee to cancel a game only if he or she believes the playing conditions are a threat to the health and safety of his or her players. A coach must make this decision at least an hour before the game and must notify the other teamâ??s coach and the Director of Referees immediately.
  26. Referees will call throw-ins according to FIFA rules for Divisions III and IV. For the first two weeks of games for KneeKickers, Division I, and Division II, referees will blow the whistle for bad throw-ins, explain the error and proper technique, and instruct the player to retake the throw-in. Thereafter, FIFA rules will apply for all divisions.
  27. No slide tackling will be allowed. An indirect free kick will be called for slide tackling. If a more serious foul is indicated, that foul shall be called accordingly.
  28. No direct kicks will be taken in Division I or KneeKickers.
  29. Offside
    1. No offside will be called in KneeKickers or Division I.
    2. Offside will be called in Division II, Division III, and Division IV.
  30. No charging or other physical contact with the goalkeeper is allowed in the goal area when the goal keeper is in control of the ball. No attempt to play the ball may be made once the goalkeeper has control of the ball. Control is defined as WHEN THE GOALKEEPER HAS AT LEAST ONE FINGER/HAND IN CONTACT WITH THE BALL. No attempt to harass the goalkeeper in his effort to clear the ball will be allowed. For an infraction of this rule, dangerous play will be called and an indirect free kick will be awarded.
  31. Each player will play a minimum of 2 full quarters (half the game) with the following exceptions:
    1. If a player has not attended all practices the week prior to the game.
    2. If a player is late for the start of the game.
    3. If, in the coaches opinion, a player has not behaved in an acceptable manner at the practices the week prior to a game. In this instance, the coach will discuss this with both the player and parents. In all cases the player is to be notified at the start of the game he/she will not be playing and the reason applied.
  32. Substitutes may not enter the field of play until signaled by the referee. Substitutes will enter and exit at mid-field.
  33. Substitution will follow normal FIFA procedures and are allowed at the discretion of the referee as follows:
    1. At any stoppage of play by either team.
    2. After a goal by either team.
    3. When play is stopped for injury by either team.
    4. At the start of a quarter or half.
  34. Substitution for injury will take place at anytime at the discretion of the referee.
  35. Coaches should manage substitutions to prevent disrupting the flow of the game.
  36. The referee has ultimate control over the field of play including authority over players and coaches. The referee also has authority to issue cards to both players and coaches.
  37. At least two referees will officiate all KneeKicker and Division I games. At least three referees will officiate all Division II, Division III and Division IV games.  Center referee minimum age requirements will follow USSF rules.  Games will be assigned by the Director of Referees.  USSF assigning criteria will be used to determine appropriate assignments.
  38. The referee may call out his/her calls so that all players are aware of what has been called.
  39. The league directors may punish gross misconduct by either a coach or a player that results in a red card (including but not limited to dissent, threats, fighting, and profanity) by suspending the offender from additional games, practices, or, in extreme cases, the remainder of the season.
  40. No heading is allowed at any level. If a player heads the ball intentionally or gets hit in the head with a ball the referee is to stop the game and have that player removed to the sidelines and evaluated by the team officials. The restart is a drop ball. Teams may sub for that player at that time or play down until the next substitution opportunity.

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